Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pavement - Everything is Ending Here

I was looking through the fecalface NY site and got a little nostalgic of the life I am not currently living. Mainly, living in New York. It seems that we miss out on plenty of fun things down here. Things like this:

City That Never Sleeps

I've made up my mind and although Ive thought this for a while, everyday that goes by has me leaning more towards this decision. But, I want to live in NYC for a little while, even if for half a year, but to at least be able to know I did it. I think the NY experience would be beneficial for me and contrary to what Sarah Palin thinks, NYC is "real America." My parents lived in NYC for a a while after they got off the boat and I almost feel that I can only validate my membership to the world community after I have spent sometime in Nueba Yol.

We were throwing around some ideas about how cool it would be to open up a little coffee shop (anywhere really, not just NY) and bake things and have a regular clientele and making it hip in our little hole-in-the-wall sort of way. We could even have little tiny hole-in-the-wall art shows by little hole-in-the-wall artists. It's kind of exciting and a little scary to think about us in our late 20s. Honestly, even being a professional dog walker there sounds awesome. Seriously, think about it. Puppies.

Although Brooklyn has become hipster Mecca over the past ten years, I'd still like sign up to do a little tour of duty.


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