Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tokyo Police Club - Citizens of Tomorrow

I voted for Barack Obama because he promised his daughters that he would get them a dog if he became president.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pavement - Everything is Ending Here

I was looking through the fecalface NY site and got a little nostalgic of the life I am not currently living. Mainly, living in New York. It seems that we miss out on plenty of fun things down here. Things like this:

City That Never Sleeps

I've made up my mind and although Ive thought this for a while, everyday that goes by has me leaning more towards this decision. But, I want to live in NYC for a little while, even if for half a year, but to at least be able to know I did it. I think the NY experience would be beneficial for me and contrary to what Sarah Palin thinks, NYC is "real America." My parents lived in NYC for a a while after they got off the boat and I almost feel that I can only validate my membership to the world community after I have spent sometime in Nueba Yol.

We were throwing around some ideas about how cool it would be to open up a little coffee shop (anywhere really, not just NY) and bake things and have a regular clientele and making it hip in our little hole-in-the-wall sort of way. We could even have little tiny hole-in-the-wall art shows by little hole-in-the-wall artists. It's kind of exciting and a little scary to think about us in our late 20s. Honestly, even being a professional dog walker there sounds awesome. Seriously, think about it. Puppies.

Although Brooklyn has become hipster Mecca over the past ten years, I'd still like sign up to do a little tour of duty.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sea Wolf - Winter Windows

Both my parents came to this country as illegal immigrants and that is the proudest thing I think I could ever say about myself.



Sunday, October 19, 2008

Daniel Johnston - Speeding Motorcycle of my heeeaaart

I was reading the electric kool-aid acid test by the pool (btw, wtf?). After I was enveloped in a thin layer of sweat, I jumped in the pool and swam around for a while. I eventually surfaced (like a whale or nuclear submarine) next to a bumblebee who had fallen in. I put the little bee into my palm and swam him to safety. He flicked his wings for a few as he shook the water off his wings and flew away.

Looking back on that, I wonder if my motivation was
B.) That Phil Collins song where he tells that guy he saw him choose not to save a drowning roadie or whatever.
C.) My general respect for living things

Either way, I hope that little bumblebee is having a good day at work today.


I've always liked the way 8 o'clock light wakes me up in the morning in this room.

Friday, October 10, 2008

why? - these few presidents


Self portrait with a party hat.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Miles Davis - Boplicity

Riding my bike home from school today, I decided that I would make a pineapple curry (I know, I'm a fatass). I've never tried it before, but I can't imagine it being too hard.

Unfortunately, I need to run to publix because I dont have a pineapple =(


Thursday, October 2, 2008

I still haven't gotten over my ever-intensifying love for Mr. Vonnegut. This is, for me, probably the most beautiful thing I have ever read:

He went into the living room, swinging the bottle like a dinner bell, turned on the television. He came slightly unstuck in time, saw the late movie backwards, then forwards again. It was a movie about American bombers in the Second World War and the gallant men who flew. Seen backwards by Billy, the story went like this:

American planes, full of holes and wounded men and corpses took off backwards from an airfield in England. Over France, a few German fighter plans flew at them backwards, sucked bullets and shell fragments from some of the planes and crewmen. They did the same for wrecked American bombers on the ground, and those planes flew up backwards to join the formation.

The formation flew backwards over a German city that was in flames. The bombers opened their bomb bay doors, exerted a miraculous magnetism which shrunk the fires, gathered them into cylindrical steel containers, and lifted the containers into the bellies of the planes. The containers were stored neatly in racks. The Germans below had miraculous devices of their own, which were long steel tubes. They used them to suck more fragments from the crewmen and planes. But there were still a few wounded Americans, though, and some of the bombers were in bad repair. Over France, though, German fighters came up again, made everything and everybody as good as new.

When the bombers got back to their base, the steel cylinders were taken from the racks and shipped back to the United States of America, where factories were operating night and day, dismantling the cylinders, separating the dangerous contents into minerals. Touchingly, it was mainly women who did this work. The minerals were then shipped to specialists in remote areas. It was their business to put them into the ground, to hide them cleverly, so they would never hurt anybody ever again.

The American fliers turned in their uniforms, became high school kids. And Hitler turned into a baby, Billy Pilgrim supposed. That wasn't in the movie. Billy was extrapolating. Everybody turned into a baby, and all humanity, without exception, conspired biologically to produce two perfect people named Adam and Eve, he supposed.

Now, to end with a photo of something we often link with ending World War II. I saw this as I was about to leave for class. My boot, of course, is there for comparison =)