Sunday, October 19, 2008

Daniel Johnston - Speeding Motorcycle of my heeeaaart

I was reading the electric kool-aid acid test by the pool (btw, wtf?). After I was enveloped in a thin layer of sweat, I jumped in the pool and swam around for a while. I eventually surfaced (like a whale or nuclear submarine) next to a bumblebee who had fallen in. I put the little bee into my palm and swam him to safety. He flicked his wings for a few as he shook the water off his wings and flew away.

Looking back on that, I wonder if my motivation was
B.) That Phil Collins song where he tells that guy he saw him choose not to save a drowning roadie or whatever.
C.) My general respect for living things

Either way, I hope that little bumblebee is having a good day at work today.


I've always liked the way 8 o'clock light wakes me up in the morning in this room.

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