Tuesday, September 16, 2008

bat macumba

I was riding my bike through campus today and I saw something which, for a second seemed particularly nice/beautiful and I guess now, worth my time to write about it. Some guy put his bookbag down next to a tree and began to pray to Mecca.

I was riding my bike so it only caught my attention for less than 5 seconds, but I actually felt relieved to know that there are still plenty of people who hang on to their traditions and those of their parents. Although I myself am not a religious person, its things like this, or my grandmother's rosary praying, that make me happy to be human.


  1. jamesss. i pray to the virgin mary. does that make you happy??? lol.

  2. i like your style james. i had a similar experience yesterday. sometimes the internet feels like the post 9-11 friendship bracelet.