Wednesday, January 16, 2008

grizzly bear

it's sort of amazing to think that, before 1972, there was not a real complete photograph of earth from outerspace. before that famous 'blue marble' photo, all we had were maps. we take it for granted being the children born after 1972. and then i think about it, and its crazy.

my grandmother was 1, when the first 'unsilent' film came out.
she was 18 when allied forces landed on the norman coast.
43 when we landed on the moon. (that was 17 years before i was born)

and now she's already 80 something. its like 30 years disappeared somewhere in there. either that, or i'm getting old. i used to look back on the 80's being ten years ago, but now i realize, its not. its 20 years ago.

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